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There are many sites where prehistoric traces of men in Bohuslän remain. That of Tanum is probably most remarkable. It dates from the beginning of the age of bronze (1500-500 before JC) and its richness enables it to belong world to the UNESCO world heritage. This presence of our ancestors appears through rupestral engravings on rocks and by tumulus.

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Radio AntennaRadio Antenna

These antennas are close to the prehistoric site of Tanum.

Cave engravingsCave engravings

Here are the cave engravings. The rocks are engraved and coloured in red ochre. This colour is not original but are there in order to recognise them easier.

Prehistoric engravingsPrehistoric engravings

Among these drawings, there are a lot of boats and various scenes.


These burial mounds are closed to the engravings. They were graves but also places of meetings.

Burial moundsBurial mounds

Another sight on the burial mounds.

Swedish countrysideSwedish countryside

Sight on the swedish countryside.

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