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Tyresta park

The National park of Tyresta is situated 20 km in the south-east of Stockholm. Very close to the city, it is however a wild and preserved place which covers 2000 hectares. One finds there 300 years old pines.

In 1999, a big part of this park (450 hectares) was destroyed by a fire. Fires of forest are rather current in Sweden since each year, approximately 1% of the Swedish forest burns : the forest burns on average every hundred years. That can appear much, but it is a natural process of regeneration.

In spite of that, it is a park where it very pleasant to walk and very easy of access. Regular buses coming from Stockholm are going there.

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Tyresta parkTyresta park

The entrance of the park.

Wooded bridgeWooded bridge

The passe goes on a wooded bridge over a swamp. Swamps are very common in Sweden and more generally in Scandinavia. The problems is that mosquitos like it! Beware of stings!


After swamps, here is a lake. They are often surounded by mosses like that one on the picture.


Swamp around the lake.


You can also find a lot of reeds.


A swamp.


Rocks are often visible around Stockholm. Actually there are rests of the ice which was covering Scandinavia during the last glaciation.

Burned forestBurned forest

We arrive in the burned part of the park.

Burned treesBurned trees

The trees are still standing, which gives a stange aspect to the countryside.

Burned forestBurned forest

Another sight of this burned forest.


A small lake covered with reeds.

Edge of the fireEdge of the fire

We arrive at the edge of the fire.

Burned forestBurned forest

Still burned trees.

Burned treesBurned trees

Even the trees above the swamps were burned.


The vegetation is already growing.


The path is passing through swamps.


A very big ant-hill that was approximately 1meter-high.


Another lake.

Edge of the lakeEdge of the lake

The edge of the lake.


Sight on the lake.

Edge of the lakeEdge of the lake

The edge of the lake.

Protective wallProtective wall

Here are the rests of a viking village. We can see the rocks that formed the wall that was protecting the village.

Viking villageViking village

The protective wall of the viking village.

Viking villageViking village

The viking village was built on a small hill where we can observe the surroundings.


A farm at the entrance of the park is surrounded by large meadows.


The farm.

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