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Royal guard

Here are photographs which I took at the time of the guard relief. It happens several times per week and is sometimes accompanied by a brass band. The ceremony of the relief proceeds in front of the principal entry of the royal palace.

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Thet regiment that is taking over.

Brass bandBrass band

The brass band is coming.

Brass bandBrass band

Brass band.

Chief orchestraChief orchestra

The chief orchestra.


A guard.

Brass bandBrass band

At the end of the ceremony, the brass band play sometimes classic music or even rock.

Chief orchestraChief orchestra

The chief orchestra.

Wind instumentsWind instuments

The wind instruments.


The flags are winded.

Provision on waterProvision on water

The guards are sometimes thirsty, so some other guards come with water. The first one gives water while the second one is taking over.


Horsemen in Hamngatan, in front of NK. Horsemen cross Stockholm center in order to go to the royal palace to take over.

In front of StorkyrkanIn front of Storkyrkan

The horsemen are in front of Storkyrkan (the cathedral).

Royal guardRoyal guard

The royal guards are in front of the royal palace.

On the docks.On the docks.

The royal guards are on the docks, going back to the stables.

Brass band in winter.Brass band in winter.

A brass band in water that came from the parliament and that was going to the royal palace.

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