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Sweden is one of the 4 Scandinavian countries with Norway, Finland and Denmark. It is one of the largest country of Europe (440 945 km²), but also one of the least populated with 8 867 000 hab(18 inhabitants/km²). On the whole, like Finland and Norway, Sweden is very stretched in length with a length of 1600 km for a width of 500 km. It is a country covered by forests and lakes. Agriculture is practised a little in the south of the country and on the edges of the Baltic sea. Plates crossed by many rivers rise slowly towards the west to the norvegian border. The Swedish top mountain is Kebnekaise which altitude is 2117m. It is close to Kiruna. Sweden belongs to the European Union but kept its national currency : the Swedish crown (SEK).

Stockholm in summerStockholm in summer

Stockholm, the Swedish capital. A wonderfull city built on water.


Götaland in the south of Sweden. An area rather agricultural broadside by the Baltic sea in the east and the North Sea in the west. The climate is more moderate than in the rest of Sweden.


Svealand in the center of Sweden. Less austere than Lapland, this area is not less beautiful.


Lapland : a wild area covered by boreal forests and crossed by many rivers.

Stockholm in winterStockholm in winter

Photos of Stockholm freezed by the ice in winter.

Images of Stockholm
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