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Lapland occupies a whole part of the north of Scandinavia. Swedish Lapland is delimited by the Norwegian and Finnish borders and extends to the Gulf of Bothnia. A few people lives there. The main city is Luleå along the coast with its 71000 inhabitants. While going towards the west, the area rises gradually to reach the mountains which form a natural border between Sweden and Norway. One can feel this progression well through nature. The spruces leave gradually the place to pines and birches which finally also disapear. Many rivers intersected with lakes are found in Lapland.

The climate of Lapland is as one could suspect it particularly hard with temperatures that can reach -40°C in winter. The summer is very short. At the north of the polar circle, one can see the midnight sun around June 21, day of the equinox of summer.


Kiruna and its iron mine, Sweden


Abisko, nature in a wild state.

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