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Kiruna is the most nordic city of Sweden. Located in the Swedish Lapland, it covers 20000 km ˛, that is to say half of the size of Switzerland. The city is built around the iron mine and counts approximately 20000 inhabitants. Kiruna is thus located at the north of the polar circle. One can admire there the midnight sun in summer and the polar aurora in winter. The winter is very long there: it lasts from October at May.

Kiruna grew thanks to the construction of the largest underground iron mine in the world. Today, research stations also settled there. Kiruna is also the seat of the Parliament of the Swedish SAMES. The SAMES are nomads installed in the North of Scandinavia. They live traditionally of the breeding of reindeers.

The surrounding landscape is rather flat while going towards the east, but mountainous towards the west with the top of Sweden: Kebnekaise which culminates to 2117 m. Thousands lakes and rivers strew an austere ground covered with rachitics birches and sometimes only with foams. Kiruna is one of the rare places in Europe where one can still find a nature in a wild state.

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Kiruna Train stationKiruna Train station

The train station of Kiruna. Daily trains connect it to Stockholm and the remainder of Sweden.


A fountain in the center of Kiruna.


The commercial street of Kiruna.

Kiruna Town hallKiruna Town hall

The town hall (stadhus) of Kiruna.


Just a street.

Old fire stationOld fire station

The old fire station of Kiruna which is now used as the house of the TV for regional program SVT Nordnytt.


Graduates ravelling in the street to celebrate the end of the exams.


Graduates ravelling in the street to celebrate the end of the exams.


The bell-tower of the church of Kiruna.

Church of KirunaChurch of Kiruna

Back of the church of Kiruna.

Church of KirunaChurch of Kiruna

The front of the church of Kiruna.


A monument on the side of the church.

Floating houseFloating house

A house which floats on water


A sight of the iron ore seam in the Kirunavaara mountain. It corresponds to the hole in the hill. At the beginning, the extraction was done on the surface. Now, the galleries go down to approximately 2000 m under ground for an overall length of more than 400km.


Overall picture of Kiruna.

Iron mine of KirunaIron mine of Kiruna

Kiruna in the foreground and the mine behind.

Wind millsWind mills

Wind mills. One can see the Kebnekaise which is stille cover by snow in June.

Scandinavian landscapeScandinavian landscape

Scandinavian landscape with lakes and forests.


The landscape around Kiruna.

Space center of EsrangeSpace center of Esrange

The rocket at the entry of the space center of Esrange.

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