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Stockholm in winter

When the winter comes, the magic of snow and the ice operates... The city changes, seems sometimes fixed by the cold... After the very dark autumn, the light, accentuated by snow intensifies gradually, heating slowly this universe of ice.

Generally, the cold is never very intense in Stockholm. The temperatures seldom go down below -20 degrees. Snow seldom falls in large quantities.

The Baltic sea and the lakes freeze and then it becomes possible (generally from January) to walk on the ice in Stockholm! The Swedes like to iceskate. The shoes used are often longer than traditional shoes, allowing one to slip faster and to have an increased comfort. The area of Stockholm is one of the most famous place in the world for this kind of sport. Tracks are traced on certain lakes, thus making it possible to patinate even when the layer of snow is too thick. A race between Stockholm and Uppsala takes place every years in February or March. The distance of the race is 90 km!...

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The archipelago of Stockholm in winter: the ice covers the sea.


Norrmalm and in particular the garden of the king covered by snow.

Gamla StanGamla Stan

The old city in the back and this swan which had the good idea to be at the good place for the photo!


Boats surrounded by ice in Skeppsholmen.


In Djurgården,one of the largest park of Stockholm.




Kungsholmen with the town hall on the right.

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