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Christmas marketChristmas market

The Christmas market at Kungsträdgården. The red, blue and white flags are those of Norway.


Kungsträdgården and sight on the main street of Stockholm (Hamngatan) and NK.

Ice rinkIce rink

From november to march, an ice rink is built in Kungsträdgården.

December sunDecember sun

The very low sun of december hidden by a tree in Kungsträdgården.

Snowy alleySnowy alley

A snowy alley in Kungsträdgården.



Swedish central bankSwedish central bank

The Swedish central bank. (Riksbanken).

Swedish central bankSwedish central bank

The Swedish central bank.


The opera.

Opera and JakobskyrkaOpera and Jakobskyrka

The opera and Jakobskyrka.


Close to Kungsträdgården, one can find a lot of ducks, swans and many different birds during winter. Actually, it is one of the last place that is not frozen in Stockholm. Moreover, Swedish people are very close to nature and feed the birds.



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