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Mälaren lakeMälaren lake

The edge of lake Mälaren.

Ice yachtIce yacht

An ice yacht seen close to Kungsholmen. They are identical to sand yacht, but they have skates instead of wheels.

Mälaren lakeMälaren lake

The edge of lake Mälaren.

Stockholm Town hallStockholm Town hall

The town hall of Stockholm (Stadshuset in swedish). It was built by an italian architect (it looks like a venitian place, doesn't it?). In this palace, the Nobel Price banquet takes place every year with the royal family.


Sight on the town hall and the old city of Stockholm. The photo is taken from the Mälaren lake side.

Town hallTown hall

The town hall in the back.

Stockholms StadhusetStockholms Stadhuset

The town hall from the old city.

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