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As in summer, it is very pleasant to walk in Djurgården in winter. The large lawns are transformed into large snowfields. One can easily practise cross-country skiing on snow-covered ways.

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Door entrance of the park.


Effect of shade and light on a tree in Djurgården.


Building of the Stockholm university.


A beautiful manor.


A house in the center of the park.


A house in the center of the park.

The same in summerThe same in summer

If you search in the website, you will find the same sight in summer. Appreciate the difference!


A large snowfield.


A nice path for cross-country skiing!

Snowed treesSnowed trees

Some trees in the middle of a snow-covered lawn.


A kiosk in front of the channel that boats cross to go in the center of Stockholm.

Frozen harbourFrozen harbour

Frozen harbour. During winter, most of sailing boats are stored on the ground since navigation is not possible any more because of the ice.


Access channel to the Stockholm harbour covered by ice.

Frozen seaFrozen sea

This time, it is not a lawn but the frozen sea.

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