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The Parliament and the Royal Palace are very close to each other. One also finds the residence of the Prime Minister opposite to the Parliament.

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It is possible to fish in Stockholm since there is a lot of clear water. One can catch salmon.


The parliament (Riksdagshuset). 349 representatives of Sweden participate to the debates.


Mynttorget and the parliament (Riksdagshuset) on the right.

Arch in the parliamentArch in the parliament

One of the two arches of the parliament (Riksdagshuset). One can see Drottninggatan in the back.


The parliament (Riksdagshuset).


The royal palace (Kungligaslottet) seen from Kungsträdgården. Sweden is a constitutionnal monarchy and the king has only regular functions.

Royal palaceRoyal palace

The main entrance of the royal palace (Kungligaslottet). The palace was partly destroyed by a fire in 1697. The reconstruction finished in 1754.


The main entrance of the royal palace (Kungligaslottet). It has a square shape and contain 608 rooms. The King and the Qween have their office there.

Gustav III statueGustav III statue

Gustav III statue.

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