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Gothenburg, second city of Sweden with 450000 inhabitants take advantages from its opening on the ocean and is located at equal distance between the principal Scandinavian city, namely Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. That makes it the first Scandinavian harbour. Gothenburg was built on its current site by Gustav II Adolf in 1619. It is now a very dynamic and modern city.

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A church.


The cathedral of Göteborg.


Like Stockholm, Göteborg is built close to the water and one can find a lot of canals.


A canal. The tower is the town hall one.

Gustav Adolf squareGustav Adolf square

The Gustav Adolf square with its statue. It is the center of the city.

Gustav Adolf squareGustav Adolf square

Another sight of Gustav Adolf square.

Crown museumCrown museum

The crown museum.


Kungsportsavenyn. It is the most populated place of Göteborg with a lot of restaurants, cafés...


Another sight of Kungsportsavenyn from the crown museum.


Another sight of Kungsportsavenyn from the crown museum in Göteborg.


Some peoples play pétanque, a french game of bools played in the South of France. It was the first time I've seen people playing to this game in Sweden!


Göteborg University.

Vasa churchVasa church

Vasa church.


Swedish people enjoy the begining of spring.

Ice creamIce cream

All these swedish people are queuing to buy ice cream. Probably the first of the season. The like it very much!


Göteborg theater.


A typical street.

Typical buildingTypical building

A typical building.


Another avenue with the tramway rails. There is no underground in Göteborg because there is too much clay. That's why there are so many trams!

Small streetSmall street

A small street.

Haga churchHaga church

The Haga church.

Skansen KronanSkansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan. This tower is built on the top of a small hill where you can see the whole city of Göteborg.

Skansen KronanSkansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan.


Here is an overall view from the hill.


Göteborg-utkiken is a skyscraper in Göteborg. It is easily recognisable because of its red and white colour and its original shape. It is 86 meter high and was built in the eighties.


Another view of Göteborg-utkiken.

Sailing boatSailing boat

A sailing boat.

Vertical-lift bridgeVertical-lift bridge

A vertical-lift bridge.

Chinese restaurantChinese restaurant

A chinese restaurant.

Youth hostelYouth hostel

This is the youth hostel where we slept.

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