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Bohuslän is a region of Sweden which extends from the north of Gothenburg to the Norwegian border, along the coast of the North Sea.

The East coast is very jagged, particularly rocky and intersected with small fjords where villages of fishermen shelter. Very transparent water invites to the bath if you are courageous... The interior of this area is, as for the major part of the country, covered by forests and strewn with some fields and small hills.

I passed in Bohuslän in mid-April 2003. As you will be able to see on the photographs, the weather was really splendid and spring was really close. I found this area really wonderfull and I regret having remained only one day there. I think it is more reasonable to stay there at least 4-5 days.


Some landscapes of Bohuslän.

Bohus fortressBohus fortress

The castle of Bohus in Kungälv.


The village of fishermen of Skärhamn.


The archeological site of Tanum.

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