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Bohus fortress

Bohus fortress is about fifteen kilometers in the north of Gothenburg, beside the village of Kungälv. This castle was built in 1308 by King Håkon of Norway. It was reinforced several times until 1658 when it became swedish. It was then abandoned, because it had no more any strategic interest.

Great wallGreat wall

Between two great walls.


Overall view of the castle. You can see the only remaining tower.

Surrounding wallSurrounding wall

Inside the castle, there is a pond, a vital pool of water of there is a siege.


I like this picture because of the contrasts.

Overall viewOverall view

Another overall view of the castle in the direction of the north, along the Nordre älv (the river).

Great wallGreat wall

The great wall and the tower.


The village of Kungälv, close to the fortress.

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