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Dalsland lies between the lake Vänern and Bohuslän. Near to Gothenburg and having a common border with Norway, it is an area of deep forests and lakes more or less large. One even finds there an archipelago and beaches at the edge of the lake Vänern! On the Dalsland canal considered as one of most beautiful in Sweden, one can easily there boat or canoé. Its border with Norway gave him a history with a lot of conflicts, and also several castles and fortresses.

Youth hostel in HÃ¥verudYouth hostel in HÃ¥verud

The youth hostel of HÃ¥verud is located just beside the Dalsland canal. It is roomy and particularly calms. It should be said that in April, we were only 4 people to stay thereâ¦

Dalsland CanalDalsland Canal

The Dalsland Canal is 254 km long, but only ten kilometers are dug out. The rest of the way borrows lakes.

Locks on the Dalsland CanalLocks on the Dalsland Canal

A series of locks on the Dalsland Canal. The whole overcomed by a bridge where a goods train passes.

Bridge on the Dalsland CanalBridge on the Dalsland Canal

A railway bridge above the Dalsland Canal in HÃ¥verud.

Goods trainGoods train

A goods train passes above the Dalsland Canal in HÃ¥verud. The traffic is relatively important in spite of the single track, in particular the trains transporting wood.

Canal bridge in HÃ¥verudCanal bridge in HÃ¥verud

The way of the Dalsland Canal often borrows lakes, but in HÃ¥verud, it was necessary to build a series of locks and this canal bridge so that boats can pass.


A small kiosk on the top of HÃ¥verud. It overhangs the bridge channel.


A street of ÃmÃ¥l, a small town of 9355 inhabitants at the edge of the lake Vänern.

River in ÃmÃ¥lRiver in ÃmÃ¥l

The river which crosses ÃmÃ¥l.

Fucking ÃmÃ¥lFucking ÃmÃ¥l

ÃmÃ¥l is the Swedish city where the action of the film "Fucking ÃmÃ¥l" takes place. Realized in 1998 by a Swedish : Lukas Moodysson, it tells the history of 2 very different teenagers. One of the girl falls in love with the otherâ¦
"Fucking ÃmÃ¥l" had a very great success in Sweden where it made more entries than "Titanic".

Port of ÃmÃ¥l on the lake VänernPort of ÃmÃ¥l on the lake Vänern

The port of ÃmÃ¥l at the edge of the lake Vänern.

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