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I came back 2 times in Björnö in winter. I was surprised to see that the sea was completely frozen and transform in an ice-floe! One could walk on the ice! It is an astonishing experiment!

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Horse pulling a cart.


It's really strange to see the frozen see for the first time.


Sight from a small height of the ice-barrier.


This time, we are on an island.

Sail carSail car

Owe were lucky to see a lot of sail car slipping on the ice.

Sail carSail car

Here are other cars.


Another sight from an island.


The ice is often fissured like that.


An island.


The two islands which we reached by foot.

The same in summerThe same in summer

If you search a little on my website, you will find exactly the same photograph taken in summer... Contrast is obvious...


One can see far away a group of skaters on the ice-floe. For this kind of excursions, it is better to be accompanied by a guide and to be well equipped to counter any possibility...


Signs ...?

Snowed beachSnowed beach

It doesn't really appear on the photo, but there is a beach where I had bathed the previous summer...

Frozen beachFrozen beach

Another sight of the beach covered by the ice-floe.


Only reeds break this universe in black and white.

Swedish housesSwedish houses

Swedish houses.

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