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This small city at the edge of the Baltic is located at about fifty kilometers in the south of Stockholm. It is the southern end of the archipelago of Stockholm. From there boats leave to Götland, a large island off the Swedish coasts.

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Phone boxPhone box

A pretty phone box close to the train station of Nynäshamn.

Church of NynäshamnChurch of Nynäshamn

The church of Nynäshamn.


A propeller as a monument at the entry of the port.


One of the marinas of Nynäshamn. One can finds hundreds like that one in the Stockholm archipelago.


Two red houses.

House on pileHouse on pile

A small house on pile.

Wild coastWild coast

Nynäshamn is built on a peninsula which is prolonged towards the south on a few kilometers. The coast is very wildâ¦

Small splitSmall split

Small split.


An island close to Nynäshamn.

Rocky coastRocky coast

The coast is very rocky around Stockholm.


Still a photograph of the coastâ¦

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